Ausstellung corporal identity, Galerie Schüppenhauer, Köln 2003 Plot-Point, Ausstellung Nach August Sander, HGB Galerie, Leipzig 2005
1. Exhibition corporal identity, Galerie Schüppenhauer, Cologne 2003 2. Exhibition Nach August Sander, HGB Galerie, Leipzig 2005


This work was produced for an exhibition at Galleria Miscetti in Rome. Alba D'Urbano received a request to have herself portrayed by another artist. Because of her interest in a portrait-text work by Tina Bara in which the artist reflects on aspects of her medium and her artistic work by means of photographic portraits (by women photo artists) and reconfigured interview texts, Alba D'Urbano asked Bara to produce a similarly contextually conceived portrait.
Like the photographers in Plot-Point 1998/99, Tina Bara photographed her colleague using classical procedures, but also exhibits the other contact prints along with the selected image and a text that reflects the process of being photographed.
With her text (which was written down in Italian before being recited by her in Italian and then translated into German), Alba D'Urbano replies to questions posed by Tina Bara. These questions raise medial, psychological, personal and contextual issues which center on the concerns of this artist in connection with these photographs.


Presentation in two variants:
1. A framed photographic portrait (60 x 50 cm); a sound installation (original text spoken in Italian); text as giveaway (German or English translation)
2. A framed photographic portrait (60 x 50 cm), 8 contact sheets (4 x 5 in.), text image on a wall (ca 90 x 200 cm)


pictures / text

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